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Skins Fan Angrily Shows Butt

The man in the Ryan Kerrigan jersey might have watched his team lose Sunday, but he earned a personal victory—probably—by showing his butt to everyone as security forced him to leave.

“Really?” Yes, really.

Update (3:36 p.m.): The reader who sent in the video has some unedited backstory.

He was talking trash to all the “packers pussies” fans looking to get in a fight. Giving the finger. Getting in everyone’s face. He then hooked his arm around the neck of Redskins fan in the row in front of us. Video below of them telling him to leave the section (he did not have a ticket to sit in the level). About 20 mins later security came down and said they got a lot of complaints and to see his ticket. He fumbled trying to fake look for it. Then they told him he needed to leave because he didn’t have a seat there. That is when the original video happened. He was so obnoxious and trashy that redskins fans around us aologized.


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