This Skins fan—clad in a "Dallas Sucks" shirt—just gets tossed down the stairs by some kind of security. The reason why is as clear as the reason for the dude in the Peyton Manning jersey at a Cowboys-Skins game.

Here's what we know about Skins dude, according to the Vine's uploader:

OK. If you have more information, let us know.

Update: A fan nearby adds his account.

I was sitting a section over and saw this guy and a buddy of his get removed by police officers earlier in the game. My brother and I saw them come back to this section probably 30 minutes after being removed - that's when the shove situation occurred. I have no idea why they were removed the first time or what sparked the security guard to chuck him down the stairs. There didn't even appear to be Cowboys fans involved.


Update #2: A source who was sitting behind the situation believes that the Skins fan was shoved. Skins fan and a friend had been "cussing and yelling" at the Cowboys, and according to the source, they were clearly drunk. A family of Dallas fans—including a 10-year-old girl—was sitting in the row in front of the Skins fan and his friend. The Skins fan and friend were told multiple times to calm down, and they did for a few minutes, but would go back to being loud. Eventually, the two security guards seen in the Vine confronted the Skins fan and friend, waited for police to arrive, and escorted them both out of the upper level.

That wasn't the end of it, though. About half an hour later, according to our source, the Skins fan and his friend came back, high-fiving fans as they walked back up to their seats, also promising (to nearby fans) that they wouldn't act up again.

Roughly five minutes later, the security guard and his partner spotted them and came up to their row. The Skins fan and his friend were three or four people deep into the row, and the security guards made them get out. One security guard—who was described as "irate" by our source, and was the one who eventually pushed the Skins fan down the stairs—yelled, "You come here now," repeatedly. After the other people left the row, the irate security guard started shoving Skins fan to get him out of the aisle. The Vine above takes place when they got to the end of the aisle. The balding security guard was the calmer of the two; the hand seen on the left side is the irate security guard who shoved the Skins fan, causing him to fall down the stairs. Our source says that the Skins fan got up at the bottom of the stairs under his own power, but reiterated that the Skins fan seemed to be very drunk, so his tolerance for pain could have been much higher.


Our source also sent along some photos confirming he/she was there. He/she did not photograph the second incident, but captured photos of police escorting the Skins fan out in the first incident.

The Skins fan and his friend definitely needed to be removed from the stadium, but our source believes it was handled poorly by security.


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