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Skins' Workbooks Found In Dumpster, Where They Belong

A fan named Josh called into the Sports Junkies on 106.7 The Fan to report that he had found a bunch of Skins gear in a dumpster, including these defensive workbooks, apparently belonging to rookie LB Ejiro Ederaine, who was cut last week. Belichick would have had someone killed for this.

Josh says he called team security and learned the dumpster was near the hotel in which the Skins’ rookies stay, but hasn’t heard from the team since then. A team spokesperson told the Washington Post that the books contain no proprietary information, but Josh’s description makes that assertion questionable.

“It’s the entire defensive playbook with audibles, descriptions of what the guy’s supposed to do, the whole nine yards,” he said.

“[I]t has what you do in a hot route, what his assignment would have been, what the guy next to him’s assignment would have been, it has breakdowns and handwritten things of the new calls, like the defense changed the call or whatever. He scratched it out and put the new verbiage for it. I mean it’s got everything.”


This is on the Skins for letting Ederaine keep the workbooks after cutting him. I’m starting to think this team has a problem!

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