Skip Bayless Finally Faces Down Chris Bosh After A Year Of Calling Him "Bosh Spice"

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Skip Bayless is exceedingly proud of his "Bosh Spice" nickname (a nickname, it should be pointed out, he stole from the internet and claimed as his own). For weeks ESPN has been hyping Bosh's appearance on First Take, and everybody has been hoping for a confrontation on the level of Jim Everett and Jim Rome. ESPN wanted it for the ratings; Bayless for the notoriety; and presumably Bosh because it would feel so very good to throttle Skip Bayless.

Sadly, both men acquitted themselves honorably. Bosh raised an objection to the making fun of his family's name, but otherwise agreed that as long as he underachieves on the court, he's open to criticism. Bayless held his ground, saying he was justified as long as Bosh was playing "soft," but promising to ease off when Bosh does what he's capable of. We're impressed with Bayless: lots of writers and talking heads talk endless shit about players they don't have to meet, and when they do, they back down. Bayless didn't back down, showing he's at least principled about his opinions, or perhaps has been a master troll for so long he doesn't know how to turn it off.