Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Sky Sports correspondent Nick Collins was reporting from Wembley Stadium ahead of today's friendly soccer match between England and Scotland when midway through the broadcast, he fell off a ladder and out of the screen to what appeared to be certain death. And holy shit, it is awesome.

Look at his face when he know's he's going down. Shock, confusion, fear, despair. It's all there in a brief second. There's a little yelp, and then silence.


Maybe even better than the fall, though, is anchor Jim White's recovery back a the studio. It's glorious.

"Now that's the kind of thing you hope never happens to you on live television," he said. "But it obviously happened to Nick there. We shall go back to Wembley just as soon as Nick Collins tells us he's OK and fit to broadcast. Stay with us."

Inexplicably, Collins did not die. He finished his report a few minutes later.

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