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Skydivers Involved In Fiery, Two-Plane Crash Caught It All On Video

If two planes are going to collide mid-air, it's probably best that they're full of people who have some experience jumping out of them. Every single person involved in this collision in the sky above Wisconsin on Saturday survived because they were skydivers in the process of executing a jump. It's still scary as shit.

One of the two planes was destroyed and left to burn and plummet to the ground while the pilot of the still-intact plane was able to land, despite sustaining damage to the propeller and wings. As the skydivers (in both planes) were preparing to jump, the top plane flopped down on the plane below it, knocking an entire wing off the lower plane and causing a fireball explosion.

Most divers went spilling out (the one guy yelling is particularly unsettling), somehow avoiding all the debris and other humans. Another held on to the plane for a bit before letting go and falling by the wayside. The woman filming the action from inside, Amy Olson, also safely jumped out. Even the pilot of the one-winged plane was able to get out with his emergency chute.


Still, holy shit.

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