If you've got extra space in your crib and have asked yourself recently, "What's a great way to blow some of my hard-earned cash on a completely unverifiable piece of athlete memorabilia?" then today is yours to rejoice in: You could be the owner of Michael Jordan's old, dirty water bed from when he was just a spindly-legged millionaire shooting guard with a receding hair-line and pair of ugly red and black high-tops.

Yes, this is supposedly the bed on which his Airness laid his weary head on night after night in the beginning of his career, except during Bulls' away games, family vacations and hoochie-and-cigar-filled gambling jags. Right now, the bid is at a very symbolic $23. If you are lucky enough to win this, you'll be in charge of pick-up, delivery and ridding the sheets of remarkable slow-twitch muscle fiber DNA — or not.

Michael Jordan Waterbed from Old Chicago Residence [eBay]