The Croatian women's national volleyball team was recently in the town of Rovinj for a European championship qualifier. Mateja Rajkovic, one of the players, says a man broke into her bungalow and robbed her while she slept. The man made off with 50 euros, but according to Rajkovic, he also made off with himself:

It was around 3pm & I was asleep in my room. Half an hour later, a strong gasping woke me up. When I opened my eyes I was shocked. I saw a guy on his knees, above me, masturbating over my body. I started screaming and then he ran away.


Rajkovic was outraged that the team stayed in bungalows without any security, and that she was moved to a neighboring bungalow after the incident. Because, yeesh.

[Volleywood, via Blic; h/t to Jeremy]