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Sloppy Wrigley Bleacher Fight Features One Heroic Peacekeeper And One Racist Bro

Things got ugly in the Wrigley Field bleachers after last night’s Cubs game, with two groups of fans engaging in some messy brawling. Was there racism involved? Of course.

But before we get to the racist stuff, please enjoy the mid-fight cameo from the affable old-timer who tries to break things up by reminding everyone involved that “THERE’S NO FIGHTING IN THE BLEACHERS.”


Okay, now for the racist parts. You may have noticed that one of the bros involved in the fight shouts “spic” at one of his opponents near the end of that clip. When asked on Twitter what started the fight, the guy who recorded the fracas responded “racism.” He then posted a second video, in which you can clearly see the same guy who shouted “spic” screaming, “Beaners! Spics!” at the other fans as they are being led away by security.

What a cool guy.

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