Small Child Attempts To Fight Professional Hockey Player

The Chicago Blackhawks were in the middle of skating out the final 15 minutes of a 6-1 thumping of the Columbus Blue Jackets when one of the most absurd-looking fights ever broke out. You may have thought it was a child playfully climbing on an adult, but it was actually two professional hockey players fighting. Or, more accurately, one larger professional hockey player beating a much, much smaller professional hockey player.


The diminutive Blue Jacket, Derek Dorsett, took a run at John Scott, the apparent "best heavyweight in the entire NHL" after his coach called a timeout, likely imploring his team to show some life. Dorsett flailed wildly around Scott's bellybutton, essentially bounced off him and then got his lunch served—cold. The best part is how almost everyone involved is either smiling or giggling uncontrollably. Except Dorsett, of course.

h/t Disco Choo