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Bayern Munich soccer star Franck Ribery is a devout Muslim, but I'm not sure where in the Koran it says you're allowed to take the team bus for a joyride and smash into stuff.


While the team was visiting Dubai recently, the French-born midfielder thought it would be fun to take the team bus for a spin around the hotel, even though he wasn't really sure how to drive it. Oh yeah, and all of his teammates were on board at the time. Pictured is just a portion of the resulting damage.

But it sounds much more serious, and comical, when explained in German:

Gestern gab Franck Ribéry (25) Gas – auch am Steuer des Bayern-Busses. Ribéry fuhr zwei Hotel-Schilder zu Schrott, bretterte über den Bordstein, lachte sich danach kaputt.

In the U.S., our athletes usually become lachte sich danach kaputt due to vast quantities of alcohol. In France, however, it appears that they're merely insane.

Listen, driving the bus isn't the difficult part. It's trying to park it that's the bitch.


Franck Ribery Crashes The Bayern Munich Team Bus [The Spoiler]

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