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Smash Mouth—the house band from hit 2001 film Shrek—are prominent, prolific Twitter users who are unafraid to go to the mattresses to correct the record if you spread falsehoods online. The San Jose, Calif. natives are also, as it turns out, big 49ers fans who count themselves among the ever-dwindling number of Trent Baalke supporters.

Baalke, the 49ers general manager, is one of the leaders responsible for turning a Jim Harbaugh-led juggernaut into a whispered fart of a team that can’t fill its cavernous new stadium in just two short years. But don’t tell whoever has the keys to @smashmouth.

What turned into a crusade started when Bay Area radio guy Ray Woodson implied that Baalke was bad.

To lay it all out, Mr. Smash Mouth thinks Alex Smith is good, Harbaugh is overrated, and Chip Kelly is bad.


They will reject that weak shit if you bring it.


Here’s the best one.


In case you think they’re bluffing, Mr. Mouth’s got sources.


I can’t dock Smash Mouth for their takes, since they clearly are invested in the team and have developed complex opinions. I eagerly await the 50-tweet rant about Jeff Tedford-era Cal football. Also, I’m all in on this tweet.

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