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SMU Just Got Boned Out Of The Tournament By A Bullshit Goaltending Call

SMU just lost a heartbreaker to UCLA, and holy shit, are they going to have a hard time swallowing this one.

UCLA was down two with just a few seconds remaining when Bryce Alford heaved a desperation three. It was a bad miss and SMU seemed to have the win wrapped up, but then the referee called goaltending on the shot, gifting three points and the lead to UCLA.


Sure, the ball didn't graze the rim before Yanick Moreira got a hand on it, but come the fuck on. Even going by the letter of the law, this was a terrible call. Here's how goaltending is described in the NCAA rulebook:

The part about having the "possibility, while in flight, of entering the basket" is the key here. That shot had no goddamn chance at entering the basket. It was a brick, and it just won UCLA a tournament game. This is lame.

Here's a screencap spotlighting the official who actually made the call. This dude is a good 30 feet away from the basket:



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