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After eight days floating around a tiny boat in the Caribbean sun, we are proud to say that we are back and, as they say, ready to rock. Our trip was most pleasant, thank you, and we even spent half an hour at the Nevis Sports Museum (apparently they play much cricket there).

We are tanned, rested and ready; after a full week without email, the Web, cellphones or newspapers, we are refreshed ... and overwhelmed. It doesn't appear we missed too much sports news โ€” Curt Gowdy died, Barry Bonds said he's gonna retire, some Olympics things happened and, ah yes, Isiah Thomas pooped in his hand again โ€” but we are still somewhat groggy and confused around here. The Mighty MJD, Rick Chandler and A.J. Daulerio did some rather excellent work โ€” we're actually kind of surprised they're letting us come back โ€” so if we accidentally repeat anything they did, we apologize. We're still waking up.

But yeah. We're back, and we're ecstatic about it. Let's rip it up. Hi, everyone.