So Good News And Bad News, Then

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Yesterday, Carmelo hit a Christmas Day scoring milestone and the Knicks hit a futility-in-general milestone. This seems exactly right.

From Elias:

Carmelo Anthony scored 34 points for the Knicks on Thursday-not enough to lead to a Knicks victory, but enough to maintain his streak of having scored 30-or-more points in each of his four appearances on Christmas Day. The only player in NBA history who had a longer streak of games scoring 30-plus points on Christmas Day was Oscar Robertson, who dropped 30 in each of seven straight Christmas Day games his first seven years as a pro (1960 to 1966).

The game marked the Knicks' eighth straight loss at home, the longest single-season home losing streak in franchise history-and remember, this team has been around since 1946, when it was a charter member of the league then known as the Basketball Association of America.


This was also the first time Quincy Acy tried to beat up John Wall on Christmas Day.

The Knicks have the Kings, Blazers, and Clippers on the road before coming home for the Pistons, who suck, so that home losing streak might end then, at which point some other humiliating streak will surely be underway.


[Elias Sports/ESPN]

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