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So, How Is That Horse Anyway?

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For those of you who were wondering how everyone's favorite non-sentient being was going in his quest to survive long enough to have sex with any horse in sight, the Associated Press has a full report on jockey Edgar Prado visiting the horse in the hospital today.

Barbaro continued to rest peacefully Monday at the University of Pennsylvania's George D. Widener Hospital for Large Animals. His appetite and vital signs remain strong, officials said ... "Changing the cast ... is significant because then he'll be able to take a look at the leg and see how it's healing," said Gail Luciani, spokeswoman for the University of Pennsylvania's veterinary school.


Few things:

• We think it's pretty outstanding that there's something called the "Hospital for Large Animals."
• We're curious what Prado will, in fact, say to Barbaro. If he truly cared about the horse, if Barbaro ended up having to be destroyed, we think Prado should off himself too, in solidarity.
• We remind, again, that Barbaro is a horse and, we suspect, is unlikely to even recognize Prado. And even if he did, his thought process wouldn't allow him even a, "Uh, thanks for all the whipping, dick." We are, however, pleased that Barbaro will be able to see how his leg is healing. That's key.

Jockey To Visit Barbaro [ESPN]

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