So, Is Floyd Mayweather Scared?

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What other possible explanation could there be for his unwillingness to fight Manny Pacquiao, even after Pacquiao has agreed to the stricter-than-necessary drug testing that derailed a potential March bout?

The initial dispute was over the proximity of blood testing to the actual fight. Mayweather, floating those "Pacquiao is doping" rumors, wanted blood to be drawn within 30 days of the match. Pacquiao said no thanks, he'd stick to the rules as they are now. At the time I figured it was mind games, just Mayweather looking to gain a psychological edge. Then the fight never happened.


And now Pacquiao's willing to go through the intensive testing first proposed by Mayweather's camp. So where's our damn fight already?


Just like Floyd, nowhere to be seen. He hasn't responded to Top Rank, and if he doesn't by the end of the week, both fighters will have to make alternate plans for November.

We're waiting on Floyd," Arum said. "He might not want to fight again this year. If he wants to say, 'See you next year,' there's always next year. But I don't think we can't wait much longer for him to make up his mind because if we do the fight we want to make it as big as we can make it, and that takes time. I think Floyd will give us the courtesy of a response one way or the other. What that response will be, I really don't know.

Mayweather/Pacquiao would easily break the PPV buy record of Mayweather/De La Hoya, and would be the biggest fight since the Tyson/Holyfield series. Both fighters would become extremely rich(er) men. So what's the hold-up?

Floyd isn't talking, but Bert Sugar thinks he's scared.

He doesn't want to fight right now. He's not afraid of Pacquiao. He might be afraid of losing. If you ever talk to him he will tell you in eight seconds or less that he's the greatest fighter ever because he's never lost and he has a chance here of losing."


I'll admit, there's something to that. Mayweather is in the discussion for best pound-for-pounder if he retires tomorrow. He loses to Pacquiao, especially if it's not close? It may not bump Floyd down, but it puts Pacquiao above him.

Of course, Floyd won't be thought of as the greatest if he dodges real competition. Let's hope he understands that.


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