Levance Fields steps up, unzips, shows 'em, owns 'em: Once again Pitt struggled, but then their squatty point guard, overstuffed with guts, put Xavier to sleep.

Fields is not Pitt's best 3-point shooter, but he always takes the big shots at the end of games. Fields made a winning 3-pointer to beat Duke at Madison Square Garden last season and made two more clutch 3-pointers in the waning moments when the Panthers beat Connecticut in February.

"I never get tired of watching Levance take big shots," Pitt coach Jamie Dixon said.

"He's made them year after year."

[Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

What recruiting scandal? Oh, that one.: UCONN brought out the Cock Shot to quickly and efficiently dispatch Purdue in no time. But Coach Calhoun — what about all that bad stuff we're hearing about your program? "Could I have made a mistake? Sure." Calhoun said. "The [rules] manual is 508 pages. Someone could've made a mistake." Oh. Okay. Carry on then. [Yahoo!]


'Nova lets the bodies hit the floor: That temporary scare against American in the first round has ignited the Wildcats. They're beating the crap out of people. Elliot Williams did his best to withstand the pummeling, though, and ended up with one of the greatest dunks I've ever seen(26 second mark). But 'Nova — relentless: "Villanova coach Jay Wright paced in front of his bench and yelled "Attack" to his players, and when the Wildcats finished attacking, there was nothing left of Duke in the NCAA tournament." [Philly.com]

So much for Memphis: Well, this isn't going to help Memphis next year when they roll through their regular season in their sissy conference and then start complaining a lower seeding. No, not when you let Mizzou throw up 102 points on you. John Calipari — WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR TEAM? "We kind of got punched in the mouth right from the beginning of the game," Calipari said. "They broke us down defensively like we break people down. They beat us at our own game." Damn right. [AP]