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So That's Why They Call It Football

Wouldn't a headbutt have worked too?: That kick to the back looks like it should be illegal, but I guess I really don't understand soccer. [Unprofessional Foul]

When was it on?: I guess a lot of people watched the Super Bowl. I am told that was also a football game. [The Live Feed]

Thanks, but no thanks: Wait, this is the stuff they give you for winning the Super Bowl? Maybe Holmes should have just let that last pass drop. [Sports Hernia]


Smoke 'em if you got 'em: Michael Phelps should embrace his inner dopehead. He could be on the cover of Weedies! Get it? Oh, man I am so lightheaded right now. [Campus Progress]

Sell: Lenny Dykstra's investments are not faring so well in this current economic market. That is very surprising news. [Daily Options Report]

And because you behaved yourself today ... here's Springsteen's crotch shot:

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