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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Tipster Glenn T. just sent in this link to what's described as "nearly 150 students burst(ing) into seemingly spontaneous song and dance" during Texas A&M Foundation's annual Legacy Society Gala at the Gilliam Indoor Track Stadium.

For context, the Legacy Society "recognizes Texas A&M's most generous benefactors: individuals, corporations and organizations whose cumulative, current giving totals $100,000 or more, and also individuals who plan to make future gifts through their estates. Membership results from giving through any of four A&M entities: the Texas A&M Foundation, The Association of Former Students, the 12th Man Foundation and the George Bush Presidential Library Foundation."


As of this writing, spoil-sport OptimusZ has the top YouTube comment with, "Please take this video down. I know that this was probably 'cool' while performing it but it really looks bad on video. Please, for all Aggies, take this down. I don't care how many friends said it was good, it's not. Trust me."

Good luck to dear old Texas Aggies. They are the boys who show the real old fight. The eyes of Texas are upon you.

Aggie Spirit Mobs A&M Legacy Society [YouTube]

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