So This Is What It Looks Like When Russian Prostitutes Fight In The Street

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It is a sad day for all of humanity when трех проституток cannot resolve their grievances via non-violent means. As such, last week — or whenever this was filmed — cracked open a sad day for all of humanity.

What appears to have happened is two women donning the black unis of their pimp's stable take offense to a lady in pink. Maybe it was her fashionably ripped jeans and what appear to be gold foot covers. The screams are of a particularly gulag-y variation. Berzerker.


There is head yanking.

There is head kicking.

There is head hit-with-purse-ing.

Then, there is standing, which leads to gender questioning. Also, was this a turf war or a simple purse snatching?


But just like that, as mysteriously as it arrived, the coverage is gone.

In other Tuesday Night Fights action:

• If the YouTube title is to be believed, this is what happens when two ladies fight for the affections of another lady on the campus of the University of West Indies.

• And this is what happens when two ladies fight in Lynn, Mass. and everybody is all like, Oh Lawd, how can they all just sit there recording it and putting it on YouTube and world's coming to an end, Mal.

• Yo, Nick totally fucks Alex up, yo. Yet, Alex stands right up. Bad ass.

Your "Hood bitches 50+ deep brawlin in baltimore... MUST SEE!" Intermission:

Hood bitches 50 deep brawlin in baltimore... MUST SEE!

• This "ghetto fight" was apparently brought to you by a "Twitter beef."

• This is how they do in Lawton, Okla. At least this is how they did on Saturday night.


• Annnnnd this is what a full-blown melee looks like at Manhattan's Murry Bergtraum High School for Business Careers. One would suspect the mustachioed high-school security guard classes aren't well respected.

Your Big James Security Ain't Nuthin' Ta Fuck Wit At A Webbie Show In Louisville Interlude:

• Here's something called "SF Knockout" in which SF Knockout means "dude's head bounces off the street, presumably in San Francisco."


• "Moojabooji" is right. Bitches do be crazy if one face shove breaks their spirits.

• Third-world problems in the Sun Life Stadium stands during the Mexico/Colombia match. Not. Enough. Violence.


Your Lucky 7 Food Store Parking Lot Beatdown Coda:

Crazy Street Fight