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The esteemed Wysh a/k/a Puck Daddy has a rundown of the Top 10 Most Brutal NHL Injuries of the Last Decade. Let's have a look-see, shall we? (Clint Malarchuk figurine sold separately)

Obviously, I'm not going to give it away and tell you which injury in the last decade was the most vile, disgusting or disturbing, but I will hit you with a few of the highlights from Puck Daddy's Top 10 List.


No. 7. Kurtis Foster's broken femur.

No-touch icing would have prevented this injury, but hockey is played by men, not wussies, right? Whaddya mean preferring not to have your femur snapped in half isn't a sign of weakness? Whatever.

No. 5. Patrice Bergeron's concussion.

I particularly enjoy how players from the Flyers and Bruins are seen mixing it up while Bergeron is just laying there on the ice out cold.


No. 3. Richard Zednick's slashed throat.

Hoo boy was that gnarly, man. And I don't want to hear any complaints about how gross the video was - if you clicked play on a video that was referenced as depicting someone getting their throat slashed, you did so of your volition.


Of course, there are seven more of these testaments to the brutality of professional hockey to see and be grossed out by. Go take a look, if you think you can handle it.

The 10 most brutal NHL injuries of the last decade [Puck Daddy]

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