Sob City: Clipper Darrell Breaks Down During TV Interview

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We're still not sure what side to take in the Clipper Darrell vs. the Clippers dispute. It's easy to blame the Clippers, since Donald Sterling is such a dick and the timing of all this just so happened to coincide with the Clippers finally tasting success. But maybe Clipper Darrell was being a bit of an ungrateful, spotlight-seeking dick, too.


Then Darrell Bailey appeared Sunday on ABC7's Sports Zone after the Lakers vs. Heat game to clear up the controversy. Or at least that was the plan. Instead, in nearly five painful minutes, Bailey broke down in tears twice and turned host Rob Fukuzaki from a composed, finely-gelled sports anchor to a flop-sweating, stuttering puddle of awkwardness in a matter of seconds.

Poor, crazy Clipper Darrell. The man obviously lives in a red-and-blue-painted world of his own creation. But at least he seemed happy there. Darrell Bailey needs Clipper Darrell way more than the Clippers do. And those Clippers have already lost way more in bad press than the ticket they've been throwing his way could ever cost them. So c'mon Clippers, let Clipper Darrell be Clipper Darrell. And Clipper Darrell? Dude, relax. You've got prime real estate in downtown Lob City for free every night.


Video: Clipper Darrell Breaks Down and Cries During Television Interview [Bleacher Report]
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