Well, this is embarrassing. Thousands of fans flooded the streets of Barranquilla, Colombia, last night, dancing, blowing horns, and just generally partying to celebrate what they thought was the news that their beloved Junior F.C. won a championship. They are waking up this morning to sheepishly learn that, no, they still lost the title match last week.

On May 21, Atl√©tico Nacional triumphed over Junior in penalties to win the apertura of the top Colombian league. But almost immediately after, rumors began flying on social media, spread by Junior supporters, that Atl√©tico had illegally made four substitutions in its match, and at one point, fielded 12 players. This was untrue‚ÄĒand Junior had never even filed a protest.

Yesterday, those rumors reached a boiling point. Fans somehow came to believe that the league's governing body was going to overturn the results of the championship, strip Atlético of its title, and award it to Junior. El Heraldo reports that some fans even claimed they heard the news on television. So they poured into the streets for an impromptu parade. And you know what? Good for them. I'm going to go ahead and say that believing in and celebrating a championship is every bit as satisfying as actually winning one.


[El Heraldo, h/t Diego]