IFK Göteborg were set to host Malmö for a regularly scheduled, 90-minute Swedish league match yesterday. But towards the end of the game, some fans threw a huge firecracker at Malmö’s Tobias Sana, and Sana returned the favor by firing one of the corner flags javelin-like in the fans’ direction, and the rest match was canceled after 78 minutes. Soccer!

Here’s video of the entire incident:

While the firecracker wasn’t too sparkly, you can tell by the sound of the explosion and the shaking of the TV camera, way off on the other side of the pitch, that the little sucker packed a wallop. We can understand, then, why Sana—a local Göteborg kid who once played for the home team, which probably explains why he specifically caught the fans’ ire—reacted like he did.


Per the Guardian, the ref suspended the game immediately after witnessing the events. Match officials got everyone off the pitch while they discussed what to do next. After a half an hour of deliberation, they decided to call the game off.