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Soccer Manager Paolo Di Canio Confronts Angry Fans, Gets Fired

Sunderland manager Paolo "I'm Not A Fascist" Di Canio was fired on Sunday, just 13 games into his first coaching job in the Premier League. He went out with a bang, though, as he engaged in a very odd confrontation with Sunderland fans after a 3-0 loss to West Brom on Saturday.

In the video above, you can see Di Canio approach the Sunderland cheering section and make a few odd gestures while the fans jeer and make struggle faces in return. Even more entertaining than the scene is the interpretive play-by-play given by the anchors. "He wants to share his disappointment to the terraces, that there's a despair." Such keen observation.


Di Canio did get around to explaining his actions after the game.

From BBC Sport:

I knew that they were furious. I went to them because I wanted to see their faces. It's easy to go over when they're clapping or singing your name. I'm responsible but my head is up. I won't give up.

The weekend only got weirder for Di Canio from there. According to The Guardian, Di Canio was shouted down by one of his players at a team meeting on Sunday, and was told that the team had quit on him. He was fired shortly thereafter.


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