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Meet Benjamin Kololli, a 26-year-old soccer player currently plying his trade in Switzerland. Kololli was in Cyprus yesterday, with his squad FC Zürich playing a big match against AEK Larnaca. Kololli is an important player, so he would not have been shocked to have been placed smack dab in the middle of the game’s biggest moment when called to take a crucial penalty.

What Kololli couldn’t possibly have fathomed, however, not yesterday nor in a million years, was what happened once he converted what proved to be the game-deciding penalty and jogged over to celebrate with the adoring fans. A simple hop over what appeared to be a completely unremarkable concrete barrier did not land him face-to-face with the fans in the stands, but instead caused him to vanish from this plane of existence into a strange and unknowable pocket of the universe referred to by those lucky enough to have survived it as, the Twilight Zone:

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