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Papakouli Diop of Spanish club Levante reacted to racist taunts by Atletico Madrid fans after the match by dancing for them.

The section near the corner got Diop's attention after the match went final, and the replay in the video above shows middle fingers and yelling, with Diop dancing in response. But the Vine below captures multiple fans making gestures like a monkey at Diop.


After the game, Diop—who was born in Senegal—succinctly explained his reaction. Via Marca (translated to English):

They called me a monkey so I acted like a monkey. I'm tired of the racism in soccer. It's too much.

Last week, Dani Alves reacted to a banana thrown on the field by eating it, with other players following suit in a planned campaign. Diop's dance seemed to be in the heat of the moment, though the sentiments on racism in soccer were basically the same.

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