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Soccer Player Gets His Finger All Gnarled To Hell In Freak Accident [WARNING: GRAPHIC]

Photo via Twitter

This is a story of love, of toughness, and a horribly, disgustingly mangled finger. Proceed at your own caution.

Okay, so Kevin McHugh of Finn Harps, a team in Ireland’s Premier Division, was hosting a coaching session in his native County Donegal, when a wayward ball began bounding away from the pitch. He attempted to run it down.


The ball made its way over the pitch’s surrounding fence, so McHugh decided to hop over the thing to retrieve it. In the process, the wedding ring (love) he wore on his finger got lodged in the fence, and... yeah, his finger damn near got ripped entirely off (nasty mangled finger).

This is another warning that the picture below, which he tweeted out, is very gross. Here goes:

Rather than freak the fuck out about the fact that a considerable portion of his left ring finger was just laying there, hanging on by a thin thread of unshredded flesh—or more likely, immediately after freaking out—McHugh hopped into his car and actually drove himself to the hospital (toughness).

While waiting at the hospital for an ambulance to take him to another hospital to perform surgery, McHugh tweeted about his status, explaining what happened and his fears that his finger might not be savable. Despite it all, he maintained a positive, at times darkly funny outlook:


In his most recent tweet, McHugh said he wasn’t optimistic that his finger could be salvaged. Well, at least he got the ball.


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