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We will be the first to admit, as some of you have pointed out, that soccer isn't necessarily our strong suit. This is because we grew up in the United States, enjoy watching sports on television and still think it's almost perverse that they created a sport that doesn't allow you to use your hands. But this is our failing, and we are going to try to correct it; just bear with us, because we're still trying to figure out what Bundesliga is, and whether it will go away if we stop scratching.

So it took us a couple days, we apologize, to understand the importance of the groin injury to Arsenal striker Thierry Henry. (Henry is not either of the people pictured, because those people are happy, and people with groin injuries most certainly are not.) The Sports Frog is much better about soccer than we are โ€” for now โ€” so we'll trust the Frog's judgment that there's "misery at Highbury." And then we'll get back to the books and start studying. Hey, wait, look, Streetball is on! Crap!

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