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Soccer Player Scores, Takes Off Shorts To Celebrate, Gets Red Card

This is Mario Gjurovski, a Macedonian soccer player who plays for Muangthong United FC in the Thai Premier League. He's sometimes a scorer of good goals, we assume, and when he scored his most recent on Saturday against TOT, he celebrated by taking his shorts off.

He then put the shorts on his head, posed in front of the crowd, and performed some sort of machine gun-thrusting maneuver. Cute. Deserving of a yellow, of course, but maybe worth it, too, since without checking we can confidently say Deadspin has never written about the Thai Premier League. The guy's an ambassador.

The only problem, though, was that Gjurovski had already picked up a yellow earlier in the match. When the ref finally arrived with the "C'mon, son" face, you knew it was time for our hero to hit the showers.


What makes this whole thing a little bit weaker of a stunt is that Gjurovski isn't the first to celebrate a goal by ripping off his shorts and wearing them as a hat. His quasi-ex-countryman, Montenegro captain and Juventus star Mirko Vucinic (Gjurovski and Vucinic were both born in the now-dissolved Yugoslavia) has made the shorts-removal his calling card. He did it while representing his country in 2010, and again disrobed after scoring a penalty for Juventus just last month:

It should surprise no one that Vucinic is a vastly better player than Gjurovski, and likely smarter, too, since he knows when to pick his spots. If it's any consolation, Muangthong United still managed to hold on for the win, 2-1.

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