Soccer Player Survives On-Field Heart Attack

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Today's most popular viral video? Belgian footballer Anthony Van Loo (funny) suffers a heart attack mid-game (not funny), but survives thanks to his implanted defibrillator (applause!).

The video itself, while not visually arresting (get it?), is fascinating and slightly creepy. Van Loo collapses at the 7-second mark. As he lays on the ground, he legs begin shaking as the defibrillator automatically shocks his heart. Then at the 21-second mark, he sits up. Life-threatening heart problem solved!

Van Loo was diagnosed with a heart condition last year and was only allowed back in the sport because of the implanted machine that—thanks to this successful test—we now know works as advertised. Hooray, science! Personally, I wouldn't risk another chance to die on the pitch, but maybe Van Loo could turn it into his signature goal celebration or something.


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