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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Soccer Team Boned By Ref Who Allowed Idiot On The Field To Score Goal

Motagua were on the cusp of sealing a big win late into their match against rivals Olimpia in the Honduran league last week. Then, up 2-1 with just seconds remaining, the Motagua keeper was beaten by two shots that hit the back of his net almost simultaneously. One goal was the equalizer, scored by an Olimpia player. The other came from the foot of some shirtless idiot on the field who had hopped onto the pitch, commandeered a ball, and calmly dribbled through the middle of the action before shooting.


Not only did security fail to stop the idiot before he made his way into the center of the box, but the referee also never stopped the game. Olimpia’s goal stood. The only one punished for this was the Motagua keeper, who got a yellow card for complaining about the injustice to the ref. Soccer, like life, isn’t fair.

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