Soccer Team Forgets Uniforms, Plays In Counterfeits Off The Street

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Soccer team Independiente Santa Fe traveled this weekend to play Boyacá Chicó in a Colombian Primera A match. Everything was peaches until Santa Fe arrived to the stadium. That's when they realized they forgot their away kits.

Teams rarely show up unprepared like this to matches, because most professional clubs employ people to make sure this never ever happens. So if the visiting team only has one uniform, and it clashes with their opponents' home stripes, the home team generally is gracious enough to switch to their away uniforms. Sportsmanship, etc. Boyacá Chicó, however, weren't here for the bullshit. When asked, they refused to switch, which meant the Santa Fe had to improvise.

The visitors started the match in their grey training tops, and taped their numbers to the back. But Colombia is, among other things, humid as fuck, and the numbers started peeling off almost as soon the clubs kicked off.


Taped numbers and training tops weren't going to work. Santa Fe had one last option: to buy knockoffs from off the street.

A Santa Fe staffer ran outside the stadium and bought counterfeits from vendors for about $6 each, then used red marker to write the numbers on the back of the shirts. Santa Fe took the pitch to start the second half donning their own team's fake jerseys, but still went on to drub Boyacá Chicó, 2-0. This concludes our daily reminder to not be a dick.


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