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Soccer Team Has Perfected The Art Of The Goal Celebration

Scores are rare; celebrate them. This Icelandic team does, in a choreographed routine that puts "run around with your shirt pulled over your head" to shame. But, as past videos show, the team has a history of Tony-worthy theatrical exuberance.

Despite playing on a middle school field in front of 50 people, this is actually from the Úrvalsdeild, Iceland's premier division. The players of Stjarnan have made it their mission to celebrate every goal with a pre-planned routine.


There's the now-famous "Going Fishing:"

But don't forget "And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead:"

The traditional Icelandic Waltz:

And of course, a uniquely North Sea version of Walking It Out:

A big thanks to Mike for the heads up on these, and we eagerly await Stjarnan's next goal.