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In case you were wondering if Ohio coach Frank Solich's drunk driving arrest incident was an entirely isolated incident, here's some photos of the coach chilling at an Ohio bar with some students, posing, having some fun. Anyone, of course, should feel free to go out and have some drinks. But somehow we can't imagine, say, Steve Spurrier or Charlie Weis out partying with the kids. Not that it wouldn't be fun to watch.


Sleepless In Athens, Ohio [Deadspin]

(To clarify, since there has been some confusion: This is NOT a photo from the night of Solich's DUI. Wanted to make that clear.)


(Second clarification: Multiple people have informed us that this picture is taken at Courtside Pizza, where Solich does his weekly radio show. So he's likely not out drinking with those guys in that picture. Which is probably for the best; it's better to take care of drivers' prep on your own time.)

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