Some Fools Are Selling Darren Wilson Cardinals Shirts

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Inspired by the dude who taped an "I Am Darren Wilson" sign to the back of his Cardinals jersey before Game 4 of the NLDS, a local group of people who support Darren Wilson—a Ferguson, Mo., police officer who shot and killed unarmed teen Mike Brown in August— has decided to start selling handmade shirts that express support for both the St. Louis Cardinals and Darren Wilson, and are urging people to wear them to Game 1 of the NLCS on Saturday.

Here's the message from the group's Facebook page:

*GAME SHIRTS* *WRISTBANDS* Pick up a game shirt to support Darren Wilson (thanks for the inspiration Dan Ride!), available Saturday at Barney's Sports Pub, 6027 Chippewa St, St Louis, MO 63109 (open at 11AM Fri-Sun)! Shirts are $20, local availability only. Wristbands are available NOW for $5 (non-local folks inside the contiguous U.S. states only, mail a check for $10 addressed to Darren Wilson to the same location & put in the memo WEAREDARRENWILSON wristband). Please note: We're hand-painting the shirts with stencils. If a local supporter has access to a screen printer or shirt company with immediate availability to print these more efficiently, let us know (we already have the shirts)! Please comment below if you know you'll be coming by for one and tell us what size(s)! If you're not going to the game, watch with fellow supporters at Barney's!


The "6" on the back is mean to send the message "I got your six" to Darren Wilson. Clever! Here are some enthusiastic Facebook comments from below the post:


If you happen to see anyone wearing one of these shirts at Saturday's game, do feel free to snap a picture and send it to