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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Some People Are Lobbying To Make Pole Dancing An Olympic "Test Sport"

Thus far, at the behest of the "Vertical Dance lobby," nearly 6,000 people "have read the Get Pole Dance Accepted into the Olympics Petition to International Olympic Committee, and I hereby sign the petition." Here's an excerpt:

Like the horizontal bar, the vertical bar should have a place in international competitive sport. We believe that like Rhythmic Gymnastic, the Horizontal Bar and Figure Skating, Pole Dance/Vertical Dance is acrobatic, gymnastic, technical and takes a great deal of physical skill and strength to master, earning it a place in the greatest sporting event in the world. Over 50 countries world wide take part in lessons, workshops, conventions, expose, competitions and teacher training. This is an international sport that both men, women and those that are on a low income can take part in, unlike sports such as horse riding, sailing and snow based sports.

This is by no means a fad or a trend, Pole is here to stay.

Vertical Dance lobby for pole dancing to become Olympic sport []

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