Some Suggestions For How Daniil Medvedev Should Continue Taunting The U.S. Open Crowd

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Photo: Mike Stobe (Getty)

On Friday night, Daniil Medvedev prevailed in his third-round U.S. Open match against Feliciano Lopez, and then he dedicated his post-match interview to trolling the fans in attendance, the majority of whom had spent the match vociferously rooting against Medvedev. The Russian played in front of another hostile crowd yesterday, and upon defeating Dominik Koepfer to advance to the quarterfinals, he let the fans have it once again:


Medvedev’s heel turn has been the highlight of the tournament, and the crowd will surely be united against him when he takes on Stan Wawrinka tomorrow. If Medvedev keeps winning, though, I’m concerned that he won’t be able to keep his post-match taunting fresh. You can only thank the haters for inspiring you to be great so many times, you know? With that in mind, here are some ideas Medvedev should feel free to use if he wins tomorrow:

  • Methodically turn towards every section of the crowd and give each one a D-Generation X crotch chop.
  • Pause the post-match interview to hunch over and demand that everyone in attendance smooch your butt.
  • Do a Lambeau Leap into the crowd.
  • Tell the fans that you feel bad about being rude to them before and that you have a special message that you think will help make amends. The special message is farting into the microphone.
  • Spend 15 minutes doing the Howard the Alien dance in the middle of the court.
  • Spend the whole match acting like your shoulder hurts really bad and then as soon as it ends drag a bench press onto the court and start doing sets.
  • Remind everyone in the crowd that they pay ungodly amounts of rent to live in a crowded city that makes them miserable.

Give ‘em hell, Daniil!