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Illustration for article titled Somehow, Only Blue Jays Were Punished For Their Scrap With The Royals

Sunday’s dust-up between the Blue Jays and Royals was, almost exclusively, Kansas City’s fault. The Royals plunked Troy Tulowitzki, plunked Josh Donaldson, and brushed him back two more times before Toronto’s Aaron Sanchez retaliated by hitting Alcides Escobar. So it’s kind of weird that only Sanchez and manager John Gibbons have been disciplined by MLB.

Sanchez was fined and suspended for three games; Gibbons was suspended for one game. I get it. Sanchez was clearly, intentionally coming after Escobar, and Gibbons returned to the field during the melee after being ejected the inning before. Both deserve something. But it seems cosmically wrong that Edinson Volquez and Ryan Madson got off scot-free. And, hell, Yordano Ventura just for being a little asshole.


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