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Someone At Fox Loves The Damn Sleigh Bells

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Every ten seconds or so in the Patriots/Bucs game, someone at Fox is hitting the button to play some goddamn sleigh bell noise. It's like the producer put his ADD child in charge of the audio for today's broadcast, and the little bastard is pounding the sleigh bell button like he's playing Ten Yard Fight.

I don't even know if I can watch the second half. Every time their graphic changes at the top of the screen, everytime they update the down-and-distance, everytime the little snowplow drives across the top of the score, I'm getting sleigh bells jammed into my ear. Fellas, we know it's Christmas. We get it. I caught on after the 348th jingle of the bell. Christ. It is the most irritating thing about their football coverage, and this is a network that employs Terry Bradshaw.


The Patriots lead 21-0 at the half, and I hope it gets worse so I can stop watching and avoid further punishment.

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