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Since Minnesota loves hockey at all levels, the high school state tournaments are televised, with each kid getting at least a few seconds of camera time for the team introductions. For the past four years, a man has ranked the best hair—flow, salad, or lettuce, if you will—from those intros. It’s a bit weird but mostly funny.

For 2014, “Pulltabproductions11" not only ranked his ten players for the All Hockey Hair Team, but went back into the archives of old state tournaments, when mullets and racing stripes weren’t supposed to be funny, and people didn’t laugh at hockey players for looking like they were attacked by a weedwacker. Man, look at this:


That’s some glorious-ass hair.

You can watch the rest of them here. They are well worth it, particularly the No. 1 spot for 2011's class.

H/t to Alec

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