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I bet last night, after another demoralizing thrashing at the hands of the Hawks, Paul George couldn't wait to get home and away from it all. But before he returned, his parents informed him that his house had been burgled, the thief making off with over $15,000 worth of stuff. Talk about kicking a guy when he's down.

Here's what RTV6 is reporting was stolen:

Among the missing items: a 2014 Paul George NBA platinum All Star ring with diamonds, 15 watches and a pair of Air Jordan 4 "Toro" shoes. A $20 bill was also taken from the home.


Unfortunately, this kind of athlete crime often premeditated. The average rich-ass Geist resident doesn't even think about locking their front door, so George's parents—who also live in the home—can be forgiven for thinking their quick run to the game wouldn't be a problem. But when everyone knows the homeowner will be very conspicuously absent for a handful of hours any given night, the opportunity is almost too good to pass up. Still, I don't care how much you want your dissatisfaction heard, you shouldn't do your stars like that, Indiana.


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