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Someone Seems To Have Stolen Tom Brady's Super Bowl Jersey

We have an honest-to-God post-Super Bowl mystery on our hands, and I am elated. You see, Tom Brady doesn’t know what happened to his game jersey:

Brady claims to have put the jersey right in his bag after the game, and yet the jersey is nowhere to be found. This is a genuinely confounding turn of events, as postgame locker rooms aren’t open to just anyone. If someone did steal it, it was either a member of the media or someone associated with the team.

Despite one report that the jersey was simply hidden away by a team staffer for safe keeping, it appears that the jersey is still missing. While addressing the media after receiving the Super Bowl MVP award this morning, Brady reiterated that he does not have the jersey:


I look forward to Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg finally untangling this mystery in the 2019 film Sins Of A Patriot. I would like a producer’s credit, so if you know what happened to the jersey, email us.

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