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Someone Spit In DeAngelo Hall's Face And It Wasn't Pac-Man Jones

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I realize that this isn't breaking any new ground, but man, Terrell Owens is a sensitive guy. DeAngelo Hall, who engages in some friendly trash talk with Terrell Owens on the phone from time to time, did some of that same trash talking to Owens during the Cowboys/Falcons game last night. Owens spit in his face.

He admitted it, too. "I got frustrated and I apologize for that," Owens said. "It was a situation where he kept bugging me and getting in my face."


Well, you certainly wouldn't expect anyone in the NFL to bug you or get in your face. The NFL, if nothing else, is a league of politeness and respect for personal boundaries. That's why there's a 10-yard penalty for close-talking, and a 15-yarder for invasion of the personal space. Hall managed not to get flagged, though, and the Cowboys opted against challenging the call.

I don't even know where the frustration comes in. Owens had already beaten Hall for a 51-yard touchdown, the Cowboys were winning the game, and he wasn't involved in the play that occurred right before the spitting. He's just sensitive. Reeeeally sensitive.

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