The hunt is on for the rapscallion responsible for this: An update of East Carolina University's pirate logo. Yes, it may be time for all pirate-themed teams to turn in their swash, and their buckle.

It's your move, Raiders, Buccaneers and Pittsburgh Pirates; but the recent incident off the coast of Somalia, in which a U.S. warship tricked the pirates into letting them reel in their boat before shooting them, should serve notice that committing grand larceny on the high seas is no longer cool. Pirates used to have panache; one could identify with them, even root for them, and many of them even had a code of ethics (see: Dread Pirate Roberts). But recent events have popped that iconic bubble; it's a new century. As Jerry Seinfeld said in The Puffy Shirt, "But I don't wanna be a pirate!"

Anyway, I saw this over at Every Day Should Be Saturday, which doesn't know who the original artist is. Whoever you are, nicely done, matey.

Update: Logo is from New Raleigh. Be sure to read their comments section.

New ECU Logo For This Century [EDSBS]