Something Happened With Floyd Mayweather’s Crew At The Warriors Game

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Floyd Mayweather and his entourage attended Wednesday night’s Warriors game, and received a nice booing when the Jumbotron showed them. According to TMZ, however, the verbal spilled over into the physical.

At around 9:45 p.m., a woman in the crowd allegedly hit one of Mayweather’s companions with a thunderstick, and that set the unnamed man off. When reached for more information, the Oakland Police Department called it a “mutual combat battery,” adding that no one was arrested, and neither person chose to press charges.


Two people at the game claimed it was more violent than TMZ and the police described:


Update (5:00 p.m.): We received emails from people who say they witnessed what happened. All of them are sic’d.

One from someone who said he was in Section 205:


I was at the Warriors game last night and was sitting in the upper deck directly to the right of the incident and I can confirm the story you’ve reported.

I looked over to where the incident occurred and saw security, along with two police officers, asking the couple to leave. I could tell the couple was putting up an argument and kept pointing to the gentlemen sitting in front of them in the “TMT” hat. I didn’t see what led to them getting kicked out. The Mayweather companion didn’t turn around or acknowledge the couple as they were getting kicked out.

The female was taking her time gathering her items while seemingly still arguing with Security. As she was walking down the stairs, she turned around and hit the TMT fellow with a thunderstick. The Mayweather supporter immediately stood up and hit the female, substantially hard. She fell down on the stairs after getting hit.

Security and fans got between the two, preventing it from escalating. At this time, security and police officers escorted both individuals from their seats and down the tunnel. During the scuffle, the female’s boyfriend was nowhere to be seen.

Contrary to the TMZ Report, I can fully attest to the TMT team member hitting the female and knocking her down.


Someone who said he was in the section next to the incident:

I was sitting in the section next to them and it was bad. I turned around after the initial incident happened. But I saw: The guy with his girlfriend (who were two rows behind Mayweather’s guy) in a verbal altercation with the member of TMT. TMT signals to get security over and they kick the boyfriend out, who seemed pretty shocked about it. As security leaves ushering the boyfriend out, the girlfriend (visibly pissed) walks by TMT and smacks him with her thunder sticks. TMT got up without hesitation reached back and smacked this girl in the jaw. She goes down and her beer goes all over her.


One who said his friend was at the game:

A friend of mine, who was sitting right behind the basket you pictured in the article, told it like this on Facebook....

“The warriors won, yes that’s exciting but what was more exciting was a fight broke out behind me. Mayweahter had a young kid walking around. (Doing what idk) someone said something to him and they got into an argument, that dude (not mayweather’s guy) got kicked out. Now the spouse of this person, she came up to the kid and said, “hey! You wanna hit me?” She hits him and (what looks like a natural reaction) he slapped the shit out of her. Idk what to think of this situation but don’t hit girls, no matter how psycho she is. & that girl.. Was PSYCHO. BUT if she had missed and had hit me or my dude, I’d hit throw her over the edge”

“mayweather was sitting on the other side of the court. This kid was just walking around.”


Sporting News writer Jimmy Spencer mentioned the ejection on Twitter last night:


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