Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Yes, that's a Colts' stormtrooper: Star Wars nerds and sports nerds. Together forever, amen. [Galactic Binder]

I hear Toledo is nice: The Lions are having a town hall meeting, presumably to discuss why their town is so horrible to live in and why everyone wants to move. [World of Issac]


Give it time: Eagles fans: still struggling to come to grips. With being Eagles fans I guess. [Five Tool Tool]

Typical: Why is everyone blaming Anquan Boldin? Maybe his coach is to blame for turning him into an overpaid prima donna like every other wide receiver in the league. [No Joshin]

Foul: Wait, George W. Bush is a baseball fan? Gee, I might have to rethink his whole presidency now! [Home Run Derby]

Sigh: The Cubs are at war with a Greek Orthodox priest. Is there anyone they can't piss off? [Wrigleyville23]

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