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Something To Think About While Watching Sean Salisbury

In case you missed it over the weekend, The Big Lead found confirmation that the ESPN football analyst who was suspended for taking a picture of his penis with his cellphone and sending it to several female co-workers was none other than ... Sean Salisbury! Heck, that's the type of thing that makes us want to join the Sean Salisbury Online Team. Or at least buy the pump.


We don't mean to harp on this, but, seriously, Harold Reynolds has to be feeling pretty good about his lawsuit against ESPN right now. Rumors have always floated around that Reynolds had a tendency to get a little handsy — though not any more than Mike Tirico and some others — but he was officially/unofficially fired for an "inappropriate hug" of an intern at a Boston Market. Inappropriate hug? Sean Salisbury took a picture of Lil' Sean and showed it around the office! Expect that to show up in the next Reynolds lawyer's filing. Well, a mention of it: Hopefully not the actual picture.

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(Note To Inside-ESPN Tipsters: We have always appreciated your kind forwards in the past; after all, you did alert us to the underground. But if you have this photo, please do not send it to us. We will not run it, and we really don't want to see it. We thank you in advance.)

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