Coming To You Live From The "Underground"

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We make fun of ESPN a bit around here, but it's all in fun: We recognize that it's still the station that sports fans watch more than any other, mostly because of the healthy discourse and thought-provoking analysis of Colin Cowherd, Stephen A. Smith and John Kruk. They are open and forthright and devoted to the free exchange of ideas, fresh voices and credit cards with oppressive APRs. They're really all about the fans.

How do we know this? Well, witness this email, sent Friday afternoon to various ESPN radio affiliates from the home office. The subject line: "Policy Against Deadspin and Other Underground Web Sites."

Per ESPN editorial policy, the use of "underground" web sites as a source of credible information within any ESPN platform is strongly discouraged. Specifically speaking, the use of the site "" as a source of credible information is not allowed under any circumstance. As always, any breaking hard news story off of any site must be approved through the proper channels.

Please see me or another programming manager if you have any questions or seek clarification on the web sites called into question. Thank you.


We will do the email's sender a favor by not identifying him, if just because life in radio is hard enough. But the email was received by many of the station's big radio stars, including Dan Patrick, Cowherd, Erik Kuselias and Bob Valvano. And, ultimately, us. Of course.

You know, all this time, we thought we were friends.